The 90915-30002 is an oil filter designed for certain Toyota models. It’s a straightforward, screw-on type, making it easy to install and replace. This filter keeps the engine oil clean by catching dirt and small metal pieces. Clean oil means a smoother-running engine and less wear over time. It’s a reliable choice for keeping your Toyota’s engine in good shape, favored for its simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Thread Size: M24x1,5
  • Outer Dimension : Φ100*125 approx
  • Type: Screw-on
  • Works on: Automotive Engine
  • Filtration Efficiency : ≥99.7%
  • Materials : Iron and Filter Paper
  • Function: Protect Engine


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90915-30002 Oil Filter: Simple Guide for Toyota Cars

What It Is:

  • This is a special oil filter for some Toyota cars.
  • It screws on, which makes it easy to put on and change.

Where You’ll Find It:

  • Look for it in your car’s engine area.
  • It’s easy to see when you change your car’s oil.

How It Helps:

  • It keeps the engine oil clean by catching dirt and tiny bits of metal.
  • Clean oil means your engine runs better.

Why Change It:

  • Changing the filter keeps your engine healthy.
  • Do it every oil change or every second time.

Good Points:

  • It’s known for being really good at filtering.
  • It helps save fuel and makes your engine work better.
  • It’s not expensive and does a great job.

In Short:

  • Using the 90915-30002 oil filter is smart for your Toyota.
  • It’s a small thing that makes a big difference for your car.
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