Wholesale air filter 13717561235

  • Filter type:Filter Insert
  • Length: 365 mm approx
  • Width: 130 mm approx
  • Height: 50 mm approx
  • Filtration Efficiency: ≥99.7%
  • Materials: Filter Paper
  • Function: Removal Dust and Impurity
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  2. 👍Factory Price
  3. ✨Brand Quality
  4. 🤝Fast Lead Times
  5. 🏆High-performance

RMX Filter Company, among the top industrial air filter manufacturers in China, specializes in crafting the premium air filter 3717561235. Tailored for BMW vehicles, this filter is available for wholesale and export, ensuring superior engine protection.

Wholesale Air Filter 13717561235 is Applicable for BMW Vehicle

  • Warranty: One Year
  • Certifications:CE/ ISO9001
  • Package: Neutral Package or Customized
  • OEM&ODM: Available
  • Applicable for The Car: BMW
  • Business Type:  Air Filter Factory\Air Filter Company
  • Supply Ability: 60000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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